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From his appearances in Harvey Pekar’s AMERICAN SPLENDOR comic book to MTV segments to movies like KILLER NERD, TOWNIES and the award-winning, big-screen AMERICAN SPLENDOR adaptation, Toby Radloff has achieved fame — for being a “Genuine Nerd!” Featuring appearances by AMERICAN SPLENDOR creator Harvey Pekar and Judah Friedlander—the actor/comedian who played Toby in the AMERICAN SPLENDOR movie!

“An admirable aspect of the documentary is the respect it has for its star, Toby Radloff. You don’t need a vivid imagination to see how easy it would’ve been for the filmmaker to have made jokes at Radloff’s expense. He could’ve been an easy target for ridicule, but he’s in on every joke, and cracks a few himself, making it a more wholesome and enjoyable experience.” — DVDActive


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Welcome to Schlarb, Ohio . . . a small town overrun by misfits, freaks and weirdos! Dickie (Toby Radloff) is a lonely dumpster-diver who finds companionship in his latest discovery…a young woman’s corpse! Pricey is a mute girl with a lookalike baby-doll. When she loses her doll after an unsavory encounter, she replaces it with the next best thing — her neighbor’s young son! Meanwhile, the enigmatic Caduceus sets out to cleanse a nasty high school girl of her wicked ways. Scenes to follow include necrophilia, marijuana-smoking lesbians, the sexual assault of a mentally-challenged girl and a dinner plate of skinned and cooked squirrels — not for the weak!

“TOWNIES is the micro-budget version of Tod Browning’s FREAKS. It’s gritty, bleak, and funny as hell.” — B-Independent

“Movies like this are few and far between. Some would be thankful for that. Not me. I love this kind of thing. Any movie that features characters just like the ones I dodge on the streets on a daily basis is going to get high marks in my book. TOWNIES is that film, and the people whose lives it focuses on exist in every city of note around the world.” — Film Threat

“Imagine a black-and-white Hal Hartley film cast with recently discharged mental patients.” — Flick Attack

“While the movie is filled with bizarre characters and disgusting situations, Harold somehow manages to inject quite a bit of actual drama and emotion into the film.” — Ed Donovan

“Sure, it’s dirty, crass, and sleazy, but that’s the appeal.” — DiscLand

“It’s oddball low-budget films like this that make me proud to be a fan of cult and B-movies.” — Flipside Movie Emporium